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Emergency contraception: EC for obese women


"All emergency contraceptive pills, regardless of type, appear to be significantly less effective for obese women.

However, ulipristal acetate (ella) may be more effective for overweight or obese women than progestin-only Emergency Contraception (Plan B One-Step, Next Choice). EC appears to decline in efficacy as BMI increases; in fact, for women with a BMI of 26 or over who used progestin-only EC, pregnancy rates were no different than would be expected if they hadn’t used EC at all. Ulipristal acetate (ella) appeared to lose effectiveness at a higher BMI threshold of 35.”

If you’re very large, the only effective emergency contraception is a copper IUD.

(Also, please keep in mind that low-dose hormonal contraceptives (such as the NuvaRing) are less effective for people who are overweight/obese - your doctor may not know or tell you this.)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled erotica for this public service message. 

Every follower of this tumblr probably knows at least one person who could really use the above information, especially since it’s something that many doctors do not seem to know or care about (I’ve inquired with doctors and nurses about this issue specifically, only to have my concerns completely dismissed.)

Stay safe and healthy, folks.  Take care of yourselves!

We’re #SexyAtEverySize at Good Vibrations!


We’re #SexyAtEverySize at Good Vibrations!

My Sexy At Every Size Truth Is:


At Good Vibrations we’ve long known that you can’t love and pleasure yourself––or share optimally with someone else––if you can’t feel good about your body. It’s a culture full of body shame and people who struggle all their lives to be body-positive. On October we’re trying to boost that signal and so we’re launching a week of social media discussions, events…

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